Tradition in manufacturing

Since its establishment in 1990, our firm’s primary focus has been on barrel manufacturing, guided by the motto: “Everything in this world can be done, but not by everyone.” We firmly believe that passion and mastery alone are not enough to excel in our craft. Therefore, at RUMI-MND, we dedicate ourselves to unraveling the “magic” that occurs within the barrel.

Our journey involves a deep exploration of the intricate interplay between wine and wood. Through meticulous study and analysis, we gain insights into this symbiotic relationship. Only after this thorough examination do we meticulously select our materials, driven by the ambition to deliver barrels of unparalleled quality.

At RUMI-MND, our commitment extends beyond mere production; it encompasses a quest for excellence, a relentless pursuit of perfection, and a dedication to unlocking the secrets that lie within each barrel we create.


Our products

Barrels crafted by RUMI-MND possess a distinct and unmistakable character, earning acclaim for the harmonious fusion of wine and the noble essence of oak. Our diverse range of barrels is meticulously tailored to meet your discerning requirements, balancing exceptional quality with competitive pricing.

Our product line predominantly features barrels crafted from oak lumber, sourced from trees aged at least 100 years, renowned for their fine texture and unparalleled quality. At RUMI-MND, we take pride in offering barrels that not only elevate the maturation process of wines but also reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and materials.