Different kinds of toasting

Different kinds of toasting


This type of toasting brings out the fruit flavors from the wood surface. Its implementation reduces the vanilla component and develops fresh fruit aromas.

This type of toasting is suitable for the white wines, primarily Chardonnay.


In this type of toasting the fruit aroma is dominant. MT is a combination of appropriate heating and extraction of different flavors of the wood, as the end result is a succession of aromas of sweet oak and a complex flavor notes of toasted spices, caramel, vanilla and chocolate.

Appropriate for most red wines, which do not require a significant contribution of tannin and have balanced interplay of flavors and grapes.


MТ+ toasting gives the wine a rich and intense flavor, more in depth baking achieves richer taste of vanilla, chocolate, mocha and spices, ignoring for the most part the impact of tannins.

Suitable for thick and flavored wines, characterized with balanced oak influence.


HT firing is a process in which the contribution of tannins in the wine structure is minimal. This is an ongoing process in which flavors predominate and interact with nuances of smoke, reducing sweet flavors. This type is best for the full impact of complex flavors.

Recommended for wines that express the character of the fruit from the region in which they are produced. Eminently suitable for long aging wines.