Toasted oak chips

The barrels made by RUMI-MND are unique and clear. Their style is established by the combination of wine and oak nobility. Our range of barrels will meet any of your needs in terms of quality and price



The oak chips are parts, which have been created from the by-products used in the making of the staves that create oak barrels. The raw material has been naturally dried in the environment during 12 to 18 months. In the content of this product the dominant type of oak is Quercus robur or the so called ‘common oak’.

Degree of charring (toasting) of the oak chips

Light – LT
Medium – MT
High – HT
Moisture of the toasted product – between 2% and 4%


The oak parts can be used mainly in two technological stages – during the fermentation period and during the aging of the wine. The duration of the usage can vary from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the combination of all the factors influencing the extraction process.

About the wine

Dosage depends on taste preference – 1- 5gr. per 1l. wine

About the rakia/brandy

It gives the rakia/brandy an amber colour, aroma and mildness.
Dosage and duration of usage – 3 to 20 days. 1 -2gr.per 1l rakia/brandy

Available packages

Package of 100 gr
Package of 500 gr
Package of 5kg – large bag
Package of 10kg – large bag